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Specialists in Cheating Partner Investigations

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Stop wondering and worrying - DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

Riverside California Licensed Private Investigators specializing in cheating spouse investigations.


Affairs and infidelity can take a terrible toll on you and your family, but the frustration of suspecting your partner is cheating - but not knowing for sure - can be equally devastating. We have years of experience in conducting infidelity investigations. Whether you want to confirm your fears or simply put your mind at ease, you deserve to know the truth!



Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have and your initial consultation with a private investigator is always free. Contact our office today and find out how we can help you uncover the truth.


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Mischa Safdie' - Riverside California Private Investigator.Mischa S. Safdie' is a California licensed private investigative specializing in infidelity investigations, including surveillance to investigate cheating husbands and wives, unfaithful boyfriends, girlfriends and domestic partners. We also develop information by performing thorough background investigations on subjects that can be used for family law purposes as well as provide you with as much information about "the other man or woman" as possible.


We are licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Investigative and Security Services.


Call Riverside cheating spouse and infidelity investigators for a more information and a free consultation

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All major credit cards and e-checks accepted through Paypal


Immediate coverage areas in California include:
Riverside, Palm Springs, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, El Centro, Brawley,
Moreno Valley, Indio and Rialto
We also cover all of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego and Imperial Counties.


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